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Get In 2 Science Summer Camp

Get In2 Science Summer Camp

Campamento de verano Get In 2 Science

Get In2 Science is a unique two-week Summer Science Program geared towards highly motivated high school students or recent graduates, who seek an early basic training experience in Health Science programs. Instructors from our Faculty of Health Sciences will guide students into a world of opportunities, as they explore their career possibilities within Health-related programs.

Students can participate in theoretical classes, demonstrations, practices on models, laboratories, workshops, hospital visits and group activities, receiving full exposure to the fascinating world of Modern Sciences.

Students will experience what life immersed in Health programs would be like, which can help them decide if it is their true calling


  • You will become certified in Heartsavers and CPR by the American Heart Association.
  • You will learn basic suturing concepts and how to tie surgical knots.
  • You will practice on models to perform intravenous cannulation, blood sampling and blood typing.
  • You will learn how to take vital signs on medical manikins in the Simulation Center.
  • You will perform on models proper maneuvers to help trauma patients.
  • You will dissect the eye, heart and kidney of a cow.
  • You will identify dental findings in Forensic Dentistry.
  • You will learn dental anatomy by carving wax teeth.
  • You will attend workshops in the Anatomy and Radiology laboratories.
  • You will learn to properly listen to heart, bowel and lung sounds.
  • You will participate in guided visits to the Plaza de la Salud General Hospital, the UNIBE Research & Innovation Hub and the UNIBE Dental Clinic.
  • You will participate in lectures on Neuroscience, along with Forensic Psychology workshops.
  • On our campus, you will participate in a forensic investigation simulation.
  • Among other activities.
Competencies to develop:
  • Assertive and timely decision-making in choosing an academic program related to your personal interests.
  • Application of the skills learned, which will strengthen your profile as a Health program student.
  • Confirmation of a true vocation for Science.
General objectives:
  • Experience realities of the Health field which will help you confirm your future professional choice.
  • Develop basic skills to complement your Health student profile.
  • Identify areas of interest in Science-related academic programs.
  • Develop basic skills to face emergency health situations.

Two (02) weeks

Target audience:

High school or recent graduates

Program Content:
  • Certification in Heartsavers and CPR by the American Heart Association.
  • Suture and surgical knot workshop (Medicine – Dentistry).
  • Venoclysis on models and blood typing workshop.
  • Health and nutrition workshop. Vital signs workshop.
  • Anatomy lab: dissection of cow eye, heart and kidney.
  • Forensic Dentistry workshop.
  • Dental Anatomy Workshop.
  • Radiology Workshop (‘Guess What’ Activity).
  • Guided visits to a hospital and dental clinic: UNIBE Research and Innovation Hub, Plaza de la Salud General Hospital, UNIBE Dental Clinic.
  • CSI Forensic Criminology Competition.
  • Neuroscience Workshop (Gesell Chamber).
  • Among others.

July 18 to 29, 2022


06 hours per day (70 hours total). Includes one Saturday. 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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(809) 689 4111 Ext.: 2076